Who is Russian Security?

Russian Security has over 25 year's experience in IT & Security and PGP software. We have backgrounds in the Special Forces, Legal Sector & Higher Education. Previous projects include providing encrypted devices for the legal sector of solicitors, offshore banks, We have also provided data encryption in areas of Israel were our coder (developer) is from. We’ve also experience in the Gaming sector & have experience working with Casinos to encrypt & digitally manage finances.

This broad background in data security means you can trust Russian Security to ensure your data & discussions are secure. We do this by employing open source, military grade encryption which is mathematically impossible to break.
All software is regularly vetted by privacy groups to ensure no backdoors exist & there is document proof that our encryption software is unbreakable even to the FBI & CIA. Privacy so strong we can’t even access client's data!
We use CELLBRITE UFED and TOUCH to test our hardware and software across the board

"All human beings have three lives: public, private, secret."

Privacy matters!

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